Recalling the death of James Cook, 1896.

[Found under: “He Moolelo no ka HOOKUMUIA ANA O HAWAII”]


On the 24th of January 1779, Kalaniopuu returned from Maui; Lono was at Kealakekua in Kona, and Kalaniopuu met with Lono, and Kalaniopuu the chief treated Lono kindly and donned a ahu ula upon Lono, with kahili, and Kalaniopuu did a great many good things for Lono.

And on the 4th of February 1779, Lono leaves Kealakekua and his ship sails directly outside of Kawaihae and Kohala; it is noticed that one of the masts of his ship is rotten, so he returns to Kealakekua to build a new mast for his ship.

And upon this return Lono is killed by an alii named Kalimanokahoowaha; Lono dies and his corpse is offered by Kalaniopuu upon the heiau, and after that it was preserved [ialoa] by all of the alii.

The ship of Lono left from Kaawaloa on the 23rd of February and landed on Kauai on the 29th, and from Kauai it went to Niihau, and on the 15th of March it left and disappeared for good.

[Today is the 237th anniversary of the dispatching of Cook on February 14, 1779.]

(Aloha Aina, 7/18/1896, p. 8)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke II, Helu 29, Aoao 8. Iulai 18, 1896.



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