Question on Puea Cemetery, 2016.

One of our readers posted a question:

Guy L. Campbell says:

I am searching for information on Puea Cemetery’s undertaker services in 1953. My brother is buried there and there is no grave marker to locate the site. Does anyone know if there was a document of burial plot division and location with names?

[Might any of you out there be able to help?]

6 thoughts on “Question on Puea Cemetery, 2016.

  1. Aloha & mahalo for your inquiry as I too have been doing the same. However in my research -Google= I found an article ” States old cemeteries allowed to languish, dated Aug. 20, 2002.”, which a portion indicated that University students spent weeks recording names of 1161 graves. Sadly volunteers have been cleaning 3 other State owned gravesites besides Puea as no monies have been allocated for the upkeep. Perhaps this article can lead you to your ohana. Wishing you well as ohana, no matter the circumstances are all important.

    • Mahalo Fran Aarona for your help. I wrote a letter a few days ago to James Hisano at the State of Hawaii Department of Accounting and General Services to get information on getting a permit/permission to place a marker at my brother’s (Godofredo Cezar Madamba) approximate grave site. I’m waiting presently for a response :) Mr. James Hisano is the contact you may need for yourself too, Aloha

  2. Aloha Guy & mahalo nui for your follow up. Did you ever inquire of the list of names those UH students recorded? Hope you receive word from that department, so youʻll be able to place a marker for your brother.
    I will call Mr. James Hisano myself to find out more information too.

    • Hi Ms. Aarona, mahalo for your keeping in touch and helping me. I am still awaiting a response from Mr. Hisano. My mother and I are planning to go to Puea, she said that she will possibly be familiar as to where my brother’s gravesite is, once she starts walking to it. She hasn’t been there for a long time, but now she wants to go, so that we can finally place a marker there. It was a very sad time for her and the family and so no one brought up these memories, but for me recently. She is happy that I got started to do this. I think that the UH students would not be able to know of my brother’s burial site, as there is no marker, but with their interest in Puea Cemetery, maybe they may uncover answers to many questions for a lot of other unmarked graves. The confirmation of my brother’s burial there is in the Archives – Sept. 13, 1953 newspaper – Obituary.
      And mahalo very much for checking further with Mr. Hisano!!
      A sincere aloha ia ‘oe,

      • Aloha Guy; I too pray that you & your mom be able to place a gravestone for your brother. I recently spoke to Nanette Napoleon Purnell, researcher & author of books stored at UH Mānoa & at a few Historical Societies, regarding documentation of gravesites in Hawaii. She personally told me that it was a major issue in her research, if no gravestone there was almost no way information could be found of a person no matter which gravesite. There are many gravesites without documentation or records kept so tracing persons that have passed, got even more difficult. I told her of our lack of findings from the Puea Cemetery & she concurred. Didnʻt want to give you any false hopes, but hope you can put your momʻs concerns to rest someday and be able to lay a gravestone for your brother. aloha

        • Aloha, Ms. Aarona, mahalo for your checking with Ms. Purnell. The only record for many would be the obituary article. Fortunately my brother has an obituary in the 1953 newspaper, and with that there is no doubt as to his place. Finding the exact location would rely also on the location of the little house that was on the Maluhia side of Puea Cemetery. A photo of the house would help my mother also, as she surely remembers that she would walk pass the end of the house and a turn to the right was where my brothers place was. I am searching for a photo right now.

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