Chorus at Kamehameha, 1889.

Chorus Singing receives its fair share of attention at Kamehameha School. There are very few solo voices among the pupils, but all sing in the choruses. The influence of good music on a school must be itself good; and it is the purpose of the teachers of singing to familiarize the pupils with standard music. They hold that even for simple exercises selections should be made from works of merit. Beethoven and Handel have furnished exercises for them; and on Founder’s Day the boys sand “The Heavens are Telling,” from Hayden’s Creation, arranged as a Te Deum by Dudley Buck; as well as one of Mendelssohn’s four-part songs.

(Handicraft, 1/1883, p. 3)


Handicraft, Volume 1, Number 1, Page 3. January 1889.

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