Makawao Union Church comes to an end, 1916.

Memories Awakened By Passing Of Old Church

June 25th was a memorable day at the Makawao Union Church of Paia because it was the last Sunday during which religious services were to be held previous to the dismantling of the building.

The exercises were especially marked by a beautiful solo by Mrs. Jones, and an interesting sermon of a semi-historical nature, entitled—”The Passing of the Old Church”, by Rev. A. C. Bowdish.

The first building of the church was a small wooden structure at Makawao on the site now occupied by the cemetery. The change of location was made to the present situation for two reasons, first because of the shifting of the center of the district’s population and second because of the present position marks the place where the late Mr. H. P. Baldwin nearly lost his life.

The present church was dedicated on Sunday, March 10th, 1889 in the presence of a congregation of one hundred and fifty people; the ceremonies of the day being in charge of the pastor Rev. Thomas Gulick assisted by Rev. S. E. Bishop, Rev. William Oleson, and Rev. Mr. Morris.

Some of the better known ministers of the church have been, Rev. Mr. Rouse who was the first pastor in the first church at Makawao; Rev. Thomas Gulick who ministered in both churches and who died of fever in Africa while on a hunting trip with the late Samuel T. Alexander; Rev. Dr. Edward G. Beckwith, Rev. Mr. Turner, and Rev. A. C. Bowdish who has been in charge for the past four years.

During the present week the organ will be removed to its new location in the Kahului Union Church. Then the memorial windows will be carefully taken out and the general demolition of the building will follow.

It is thought that divine worship will continue in the Community House for at least a year before the completion of the new edifice. The new structure will be of lava stone, stone and cement.

(Maui News, 6/30/1916, p. 1)


Maui News, Volume XXIII, Number 19, Page 1. June 30, 1916.

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