Things that make you go, “Hmmmm.” 1883.


Messrs J. U. and B. Kawainui, publishers of the Hawaii Pae Aina, were brought before Judge Bickerton on the 22d inst., on a charge of libel prefered by the Deputy Sheriff of Wailuku. At the hearing, Mr. Dole, counsel for the defendants moved to dismiss, on the ground that no libellous matter was contained in the article in question. Mr. Russell for the prosecution argued that the case was a fit one for jury, and that the words were of a character to warrant His Honor in committing the accused for trial. Judge Bickerton after hearing a translation of the article, and from his own knowledge of Hawaiian, judged the question fit for a jury to pass upon, and overruling Mr. Dole’s motion, committed the accused for trial at the next term of the Supreme Court. Bail $100.

(Hawaiian Gazette, 4/25/1883, p. 3)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XVIII, Number 17, Page 3. April 25, 1883.


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