Joseph Arthur Kamauoha, Matthew Puakahakoililanimanuia Makalua, and Abraham Charles Piianaia study abroad in England, 1883.

Hawaiian Boys Seeking Knowledge.

Kamauoha Jr., Matthew Makalua, and Piianaia were sent to London for education, and we have received a number of joyous reports that will make all of Hawaii proud.

M. Makalua won six prizes at St. Chad’s College; and great and advanced was his learning in what was taught him. He has much aptitude in learning French and German.

Piianaia progressed greatly in Latin and French and other subjects he was taught.

J. A. Kamauoha made great progress in religious studies, ancient languages, and so forth. With these reports are included the appreciation of the teachers for the liveliness and the alertness of the Hawaiian students and their fine appearances, full of interest in education. We are very pleased with this news.

(Koo o Hawaii, 10/10/1883, p. 14)


Ke Koo o Hawaii, Buke 1, Helu 5, Aoao 14. Okatoba 10, 1883.

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