Mrs. Keanookalani Miriama Dudoit passes on, 1916.

My Dearly Beloved Wife Has Gone

At 9:30 p. m. on Friday, Dec. 8, 1916, my dearly beloved wife left me and the family. My dearly beloved wife had an open heart for all who visited her home, she was patient, and lived honorably. She was a woman who had aloha for her husband and family.

She was a pastor for the Hoomana Naauao church, the faith that she labored for at all times; and the first president of the Kalama Society [Ahahui Kalama] established in the year 1907, and she rose to honorary president until she left the Society of which she constantly lauded everyday, and according to what my dearly beloved said to me, “When I die, my Society will honor my funeral, and the funeral over the remains of my dearly beloved was held at the mortuary of M. E. Silva at 3:15 p. m. on Sunday, Dec. 10. The Kalama Society did not march in the funerary procession of my dear wife. Auwe for those without aloha and of their cruelty.

My dear Mrs. Keanookalani Miriama Dudoit was born in the land of cliffs in thick fog of Honokohau, Maui, from the loins of Kainaina (m) and Keliihoohuli (f), and she was spent 57 years in this worldly life, and left me, her husband, the hanai daughters, the grandchildren, and family who are mourning and in grief for her.

Honolulu, Dec. 14, 1916.

(Puuhonua, 12/22/1916, p. 8)


Ka Puuhonua, Buke III, Helu 49, Aoao 8, Dekemaba 22, 1916.

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