King Kalakaua’s lands, 1892.


In the afternoon of this past Saturday, the lands of the deceased King Kalakaua were auctioned off under the hammer of auctioneer, James F. Morgan [Jas. F. Mogana], and these are the lands that were auctioned by the order of the Administrator [G. Trousseau]. By way of this auction, a total of $43,265 was made; this is a large sum in this time of little funds. And this is how the lands were purchased.

1. Land in Manoa, Oahu, 2 acres plus, acquired by Petelo for $650.

Acquired by A.  Hunt, a parcel of land near there, 5 acres 36-100, for $320.

Two parcels of land in that same area, acquired by E. D. Baldwin [E. D. Balauina] for $665. The two parcels were 4 acres plus.

A parcel of land that is 105,741 square feet at Kulaokahua, Oahu, acquired by J. F. Colburn [J. F. Kolobana], for $1,100.

Two parcels of land in Moanalua, acquired by Mr. S. M. Damon for $275. Those parcels of land did not total one acre.

The Island of Mokueo, Moanalua, 11 acres in size, acquired by Mr. S. M. Damon, less the fishing rights [pono lawaia], for $1500. Acquired by J. F. Bowler [J. F. Bola] were 3 parcels of land at Aiea, Ewa, equal to 2c acres, for $2,500.

The remainder of the Ahupuaa of Kauhiula, Hilo, 10 acres, more or less, acquired to the Sugar Planters Association of Hilo [Hui Mahiko o Hilo], for $600.

The Ahupuaa of Kahaualea, 420 acres, acquired by James Campbell, for $4,100.

3½ acres of land at Kaaleo, Honolulu, acquired by F. H. Davies, for $1,000.

Four parcels of land at Nuuanu, Oahu, totaling one acre, acquired by H. Waterhouse [H. Walakahauki] for $310.

68 acres at Pawili, Lanai, 68 and 83-100 acres, acquired by C. R. Bishop [C. R. Bihopa], for $150.

Ahupuaa of Kihapuhala, Hana, Maui, 26 acres, more or less, acquired by the Reciprocity Sugar Company [Hui Mahiko Reciprocity], for $160.

At Omaopio, Kula, Maui, 173 acres, acquired by Haleakala Ranch [Hui Hanai Holoholona o Haleakala], for $500.

Acquired by James Campbell [Kimo Kamabela], a half of the Ahupuaa of Nuu, Kaupo, Maui, for $4,000.

Land at Waieli, Hana, Maui, acquired by Nalulu, for $150.

Two portions of land at Panaewa, Lahaina, Maui, acquired by Isenberg and Horner [Isenebega me Horner] for $600. Another parcel of land also went to them for $100.

Acquired by C. M. Cooke, 5¾ acres at Kailua, Koolaupoko, for $150.

A small portion of land at Kaneohe, acqured by E. S. Cunha, for $95.

Acquired by George H. Robinson [George H. Robikana], three parcels of land at Koolauloa, Oahu, for $90. Those parcels of land did not total one acre.

Parcels of land at Iwilei, and this is how they were divided:

Parcel 1, Acquired by A. F. Cooke for 850

Parcel 2, ” ” John Ena [Keoni Ina] ” 800

Parcel 3, ” ” F. Wilhelm ” 550

Parcel 4, ” ” John Ena ” 450

Parcel 5, ” ” to Governor Cleghorn [Kiaaina Ake] ” 1000

Parcel 6, ” ” John Ena ” 3750

Parcel 7 (½ fishing grounds, ½ lands0 acquired by John Ena ” 1000

Acquired by Queen Liliuokalani, a parcel of land at Pawaa, Punahou, Oahu, for $7000.

Ili of Waieli, Waimalu, Ewa, Oahu, 3½ acres, acquired by C. M. Cooke, for $1850

Acquired by E. S. Cunha, 12½ acres at Ewa, Oahu, for $1800.

Acquired by Queen Liliuokalani, 455 acres at Kalihi, Oahu, for $4600.

(Hawaii Holomua, 2/20/1892, p. 4)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke II, Helu 43, Aoao 4. Feberuari 20, 1892.


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