Kahoolawe leased to R. C. Wyllie, 1858.

Kahoolawe–This island was leased to his Excellency R. C. Wyllie [ka mea hanohano R. C. Wale] for 20 years at $505 per year to the Government–Wyllie wants to turn the Island into a sheep ranch.

(Hae Hawaii, 4/14/1858, p. 6)

Ka Hae Hawaii, Buke 3, Ano Hou—Helu 2. Aperila 14, 1858.

Kahoolawe leased, 1874.

[Found under: “NU HOU KULOKO.”]

Kahoolawe.—The island of Kahoolawe was leased for 39 years at $250.00 per year. There are goat and sheep on it.

(Ko Hawaii Ponoi, 5/20/1874, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Ponoi, Buke I, Helu 49, Aoao 2. Mei 20, 1874,

Maui surveying story from W. O. Aiken, 1943.

How’s Your Hawaiian?



For some time I have been promised a story from Worth O. Aiken, popular kamaaina who, because of the many trips  he has made to the summit crater in Hawaii National Park areas on Maui, was long known as the mayor of Haleakala. And here it is: Continue reading

More on Nihoa from Sereno E. Bishop, 1885.


Its Topography—Something about its Geology—The Trip in Outline.

The excursion party to Nihoa or Bird Island, was Mr. Jaeger’s plan,with botanical object. It was finally carried into effect by the personal cooperation of H. R. H. Liliuokalani. Besides the attendants of the Princess, was a large company of her personal friends. Mr. S. B. Dole went as ornithologist. Mr. James Williams as photographer. Rev. S. E. Bishop ws employed by Surveyor-General Alexander to make such topographical suvey of Nihoa as might be practicable, and to observe its geological formation. Dr. James Martin of Spreckelsville, also joined the  party, and Mr. W. W. Hall came as friend and encourager of everybody. Continue reading

Sereno E. Bishop reports on Nihoa, 1885.


Geological and Topographical Report Upon Nihoa, or Bird Island.

Surveyed July 22, 1885, by Sereno E. Bishop.

Hon. W. D. Alexander, Surveyor-General of the Hawaiian Kingdom:

Sir: I was employed by you to proceed with the excursion party of H. R. H. Princess Liliuokalani, Mr. Jaeger and others, to Nihoa, or Bird Island, per steamer Iwalani, and make such topographical survey thereof as circumstances should allow, also to observe the geology of the island. Continue reading