Deer from Molokai gifted by C. R. Bishop to a California zoo, 1893.


The steamer Mokolii brought from Kalae, Molokai, two young Deer.

These young Deer will be sent all the way to California, for a Zoo in that state of the United States. The fawn are spotted white and red.

According to the Captain of the steamship Mokolii, about these young Deer, they are a gift of C. R. Bishop to a Park in California, for these Deer are not seen in America; only red deer are seen there, not these type; and therefore they are being taken there. To be proliferated in America.

According the the Ship Captain, the only place these Deer are found are in East India, and perhaps that is where they brought for King Kamehameha V; that is what he believes. These are fine deer; their fur appears to be streaked; they were placed in a box.

This coming Wednesday, they will be taken by the steamship Australia. Hawaii is the best.

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(Leo o ka Lahui, 6/19/1893, p. 4)


Ka Leo o ka Lahui, Buke II, Helu 718, Aoao 3. Iune 19, 1893.

1 thought on “Deer from Molokai gifted by C. R. Bishop to a California zoo, 1893.

  1. My great grandpa Raymond Joao helped with gathering deer on Molokai to be set free on Lanai. I forgot what year but is found in the book “Mo’olelo o Molokai”.

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