Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole and the Ahahui Kamehameha, 1922.


With the departing of this life by the Heavenly One, Alii Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole as his spirit glided off to the world of eternal rest, he left behind monuments for the Hawaiian lahui to remember for many years to come.

During his lifetime, over the many years gone by, his good and upright character was always seen through the works that he carried out for the good of all. It is something familiar to all that knew him.

One of the monuments he left behind is the Ahahui Kamehameha.

In the year 1903, sometime in the month of May, a few Hawaiians gathered together and discussed establishing a Secret Society [Ahahui Malu] of Hawaiians in this town and asked the Heavenly One, Chief Kuhio for his thoughts on the subject, to which he immediately gave his approval, and soon started that Ahahui. At its establishment, at that time, he was chosen at once as the leader of the Ahahui by being made Aliiaimoku, the position he held until he left this worldly life; and this is the story of the beginning of that Association as is set in history.

As a result of the planning of Dr. Huddy and some important Hawaiians of the land, the Secret Society of Kamehameha [Ahahui Malu Kamehameha] was established in the month of May 1903 with Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole being assigned as Aliiaimoku and as leader of the group.

At the same time, also chosen were Dr. George H. Huddy as Kaukau Alii; James H. Boyd as Lau Alii; William J. Coelho as Kakauolelo; John H. Wise as Kuhikuhipuuone; William H. Coney as Kuauhau; Charles H. Rose as Aipuupuu; Rev. J. M. Ezera as Kahuna; A. St. C. Piianaia as Pukaua Nui; David Kanuha as Pukaua Iki; Enoch Johnson as Kiai Loko; and Oliver Stillman as Kiai Waho.

The Ahahui Kamehameha was established based on these virtues: “To plant fine seeds and friendly relations by assisting one another; to help members suffering from sickness and to bury those member who leave this life; to assist widowed mothers and children who are left without parents; and to spread all of the good seeds through fellowship amongst the members; these are things that will raise the Hui Kamehameha to high heights, and keep an ever increasing membership.

In the year 1907, because of a request by the Rev. S. L. Desha, Prince Kuhio travelled to Hilo Town and established there  a branch of the Hui Kamehameha which is known as the Ahahui Mamalahoa Helu 2, and amongst those who went along to establish this Association, in attendance were Dr. George H. Huddy, Charles H. Rose, James H. Boyd, and Nagaran Fernandez.

From the start of the Ahahui Kamehameha until the leaving of this life by the Alii Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole, that is the association which he thought much about; and this is seen by his works and his leadership while he was alive.

On occasions in the past when he put on celebratory parties amongst his friends, he never failed to invite all of the members of that Association which he loved, to come and keep watch over the peace of the gathering; when observing this, it was as if they were given ownership over everything that was prepared there.

In the deeds that moved the Ahahui forward, he was there always leading and giving good advice like a parent to his children, which the members of the association will not forget.

When the sad news of his passing arrived in the dawn on Friday two weeks ago, and when his remains were opened up to his friends, the members of the Ahahui Kamehameha showed up to stand guard at each watch allotted to them.

When the remains of the Alii were brought to Kawaiahao Church, the members of the Ahahui Kamehameha were the pall bearers and the kahili bearers and so too when his body was taken from Kawaiahao to the Palace.

In the funerary procession on this past Sunday, the members of the Ahahui Kamehameha and its branch Associations, Mamalahoa Helu  2 of Hilo and Kaumualii Helu 3 of Kauai marched on the side of the casket, and at the arrival at the cemetery at Maunaala; and after the memorial service by the Bishop of the Anglicans, they held some final remembrances over the body of the Alii who went afar, their Aliiaimoku.

(Kuokoa, 1/20/1922, p. 5)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LXI, Helu 3, Aoao 5. Ianuary 20, 1922.

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