Expenditures of the Board of Genealogy, 1884.

Found under: “General Report of The Finance Committee to the Legislative Assembly of 1884.”]


The appropriation of $10,000 for the Relief of the Board of Genealogy has all been drawn from the Treasury upon warrants by the Minister of the Interior, and the books of the department show the following persons to have been the recipients:

Her Ex. the Governess of Hawaii [Poomaikelani] ….. $6,474.37

J. A. Nahaku ….. 800.00

Kahunaaiole ….. 550.00

J. H. Kenoi ….. 513.00

J. H. Kanepuu ….. 218.00

G. B. Kalaaukane ….. 199.00

Kealakai ….. 166.00

P. C. Advertiser and Elele Poakolu ….. 585.40

Sundry Capenters ….. 368.88

Sundry Petty Expenses ….. 125.35



(Hawaiian Gazette, 6/25/1884, p. 16)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XIX, Number 26, Page 16. June 25, 1884.


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