On Kepelino’s “Traditions of Hawaii,” 1870.

Ka Moolelo Hawaii.

O Kuokoa Newspaper; Aloha oe:—

Please carry before all of the experts this bit of the “Moolelo Hawaii” which I saw from the selections of John Zibilina Kahoalii. All of the the classes of the Chiefly Histories have been laid out properly from top to bottom, with  the lineages of each class.

Class 1. Ihu Hai [? Iku Hai] is the name of the class.
Ihu Nua [? Iku Nuu] is the second name.
Both names describe this one class; the line of this Class is shown by its Lineage.

Class 2. Ihu Laa [? Iku Laa] is the name, with its Lineage.

Class 3. Ihu Lani [? Iku Lani] is the name, with its Lineage.

Class 4. The Alii Laa is the name of that Class, the lowest Class, according to just what I think.

—————Some Alii, —other classes

Class 1. Iwikuamoo.

Class 2. Kiaipoo [Kiaipo].

Class 3. Ilamuku.

As for the remaining Classes—the Moolelo will spew it forth. Perhaps some of you will say, “What is the value of these Classes which you speak of for you are not amongst the names of each of those who are of that Class; this is its value, the name that the Monarch is called, who is to verify that name. An Ihu Nui [? Ihu Nua], to who belongs this name? And pertaining to these two names, I ask you, S. M. Kamakau, the writer of this Nation’s history, and do assist, J. K. U. [John Koii Unauna] of the land of many mountains [Wailuku], and other Experts who know, your  friend wishes to know the correct answers to these questions; that is the value to this discussion. With my aloha for the Head of the Newspaper and the typesetting boys.


Kula o Kahua, Nov. 13, 1870.

[Unfortunately the translation and typescript of Kepelino’s “Mooolelo Hawaii” is out of print at this time.]

(Kuokoa, 12/24/1870, p. 4)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IX, Helu 52, Aoao 4. Dekemaba 24, 1870.


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