Kamehameha Day, 100 years ago, 1917.


According to Chairman Edgar Henriques of the Celebration Committee for the coming 11th of June, the Program for the Celebration has been prepared; starting on Sunday the 10th will be the memorial in Kawaiahao Church, and on the following 11th will be the parade from Aala Park to the Palace Grounds, in this manner:

8:30 A. M. The procession of all of the Hawaiian Associations from Aala Park to the Kamehameha Statue, and from there to the Palace Grounds where speeches of the day will be held.

9:00 A. M. Horse races under the direction of the Hawaii Polo and Racing Association [Hawaii  Polo a me ka Ahahui Heihei], that day and night.

1:00 P. M. Swimming Races, under the direction of the A. A. U. at the Alakea Pier.

6:00 P. M. Party at Old Plantation.

8:00 P. M. Impressions of Pele, arranged by the Sons and Daughters of Hawaiian Warriors [Keikikane a me na Kaikamahine o ka Ahahui o na Pukaua].

It is believed that if the Organizations contribute Ten Dollars ($10.00), it will be sufficient to pay for all the expenses to pay for 3,000 seats, the moving of the benches, the costs for printing the Program, and other expenses.

With Mahalo,


Kamehameha Day Committee Chairman.

(Puuhonua o na Hawaii, 6/8/1917, p. 8)


Ka Puuhonua o na Hawaii, Buke IV, Helu 23, Aoao 8. Iune 8, 1917.


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