Kupopolo Heiau, 1905.

An Excursion to Kupopolo Heiau.

A group of haole left this town by train this past Wednesday morning to visit the heiau of Kupopolo which stands near Waimea, Oahu; their names being T. G. Thrum, W. A. Bryan, W. W. Hall, F. C. Smith, E. M. Boyd, Dr. Emerson, S. E. Bishop, and F. S. Dodge.

The intent of this trip was to go see if this heiau could be rebuilt like how it was in the beginning.

The heiau was found with some of its walls falling down, leaving much work to rebuild; and the very unclear question is could its image be made to be like what it was in the beginning. The height of its walls from the ground is about ten feet tall, and the length of its face is 266 feet, and it is divided into two rooms. The large room is 150 feet long and 110 feet deep; and the other is 116 feet long and 92 feet deep. The heiau stands north to south, and from what is understood, it seems the entrance into the heiau was at the north-western corner.

The grounds within the heiau is on a slope, but it is filled with stones until level. According to the thoughts of one along on the excursion, there is a need to send someone to Hawaii to see how the heiau of the old days were built that are still standing today, and that is who will build this heiau.

According to the history of this heiau, it was Keopulupulu, the kahuna of King Kahana [Kahahana], that built this heiau.

This heiau is near the Haleiwa Hotel, and after the excursion of these people to the heiau, they went back to the hotel to rest and then turned back for town that afternoon.

(Aloha Aina, 8/12/1905, p. 5)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XI, Helu 32, Aoao 5. Augate 12, 1905.

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