Sereno Bishop to report on trip to Nihoa, 1885.

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An article on Nihoa by Rev. S. E. Bishop, will be published next week. It will be of scientific value as well as literary interest.

(Saturday Press, 8/1/1885, p. 3)


Saturday Press, Volume V,  Number 48, Page 3. August 1, 1885.

Kupopolo Heiau, 1905.

An Excursion to Kupopolo Heiau.

A group of haole left this town by train this past Wednesday morning to visit the heiau of Kupopolo which stands near Waimea, Oahu; their names being T. G. Thrum, W. A. Bryan, W. W. Hall, F. C. Smith, E. M. Boyd, Dr. Emerson, S. E. Bishop, and F. S. Dodge.

The intent of this trip was to go see if this heiau could be rebuilt like how it was in the beginning. Continue reading