Thomas G. Thrum and Kupopolo Heiau, 1905.


Steps Will be Taken to Preserve the Old Ruins.

In the course of his researches in following up the story of the massacre of the men from the Daedalus, and the myth of Kaopulupulu, Mr. Thos. G. Thrum has discovered a heiau, or Hawaiian temple, of the old days whose existence has heretofore been altogether unknown to island antiquarians although it is within easy reach from one of the main traveled roads on Oahu, and it would seem might have been found long ago. The temple, moreover, is in a fair state of preservation, and with little expense could be restored and kept as a typical worshiping place of the olden time. Continue reading

Kupopolo Heiau, 1905.

An Excursion to Kupopolo Heiau.

A group of haole left this town by train this past Wednesday morning to visit the heiau of Kupopolo which stands near Waimea, Oahu; their names being T. G. Thrum, W. A. Bryan, W. W. Hall, F. C. Smith, E. M. Boyd, Dr. Emerson, S. E. Bishop, and F. S. Dodge.

The intent of this trip was to go see if this heiau could be rebuilt like how it was in the beginning. Continue reading