Kupopolo Heiau and more, 1906.


Mr. T. G. Thrum hopes to set out on another heiau search on this island the early part of next week, leaving perhaps on Tuesday for Waianae to Locate and investigate the principal ancient temples of that district, and gather such data relative thereto as may be obtainable at this late date, then pass on beyond Waimea to revisit for further examination the famous heaiau of Oahu, “Puu o Mahuka,” situate on the Pupukea tract overlooking the Waimea valley, probably the largest still in existence on all the islands.

At the week’s end he will join Mrs. Thrum at Haleiwa, where, during a few days sojourn, another effort will be made to complet the list of Waialua’s oldtime temples, some names of which are yet lacking.

(PCA, 8/17/1906, p. 9)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XLIV, Number 7496, Page 9. August 17, 1906.

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