Band of Kalaupapa, 1893.



Gift to the Band of Kalaupapa.

Honolulu, May 15, 1893.

Mr. Ambrose Hutchison,
Kalaupapa, Molokai.

Aloha oe:

The Hawaiian Gazette Company (Kuokoa Printing Company) has taken a collection and has made $207 from donations made by the few friends of the leprosy patients for the benefit of the Leprosy Band as per the list of names also sent. This sum of money is intended for purchasing uniforms if desired, along with caps, and to refurbish the instruments or to purchase new ones as necessary.

This sum of money is given to the President of the Board of Health, Hon. W. O. Smith, to hold for the purpose it was donated.

And we those who donated the money join together with us in joy in being able to help by supplying the things that will bring happiness to the leprosy patients on Molokai, by donating to the band some things that give them great enjoyment while they live a life of suffering.

However, we think that the band should give two performances every week when and where your local authorities [luna kuloko] decide, so that everyone can rejoice in the music. That is the desire of many of the donors.

Your true friend;

H. M. Whitney,
Manager of the Hawaiian Gazette Co.


Board of Health Office

Honolulu, May 16, 1893.

Hon. H. M. Whitney,
Manager of the Hawaiian Gazette Co.

Aloha oe:

I acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the past 15th, with the sum of two hundred and seven dollars ($207) for the Leprosy Band of Molokai.

The money will be sent to a trustworthy person of Molokai to care for and he will spend the money rightfully for the purpose explained in your letter.

Please allow me to express my appreciation for the fine intentions and the generosity of those who donated the money. The recipients of this gift will show their appreciation in due time.

With appreciation,

Your obedient servant,

William O. Smith,
President of the Board of Health


Kalaupapa, May 18, 1893.

Mr. H. M. Whitney,
Manager of the Hawaiian Gazette Co.

Aloha oe:

I acknowledge my receipt of your letter of the past 15th of this month pertaining to the $207 collected by the Hawaiian Gazette Co. for the benefit of our band and of the distribution of the money. Let me say that I read your letter before all of the members of the Band who gathered and listened to the news with pleasant and happy thoughts, and they want to tell you that they will endeavor to fulfill the wishes of the donors, should they be called upon by the local authorities. As a sign of appreciation to the donors for their kindness, they have left with me a letter which I enclose.

In the name of the leprosy patients, I take this opportunity to extend to you and to each of those who made a donation for the Band, their thanks and warm aloha.

With aloha,

Ambrose Hutchison,
Assistant Superintendent.


Kalaupapa, Molokai, May 18, 1893.

H. M. Whitney,
Manager of the Hawaiian Gazette Co.
Honolulu, Oahu.

With appreciation:

We have received you letter of 15 May, by way of our superintendent, Ambrose Hutchison, therefore, we whose names are below, the boys of the Band of the leprosy colony, we give our greatest appreciation and our aloha nui to you and to each of you helped us with your gift of aloha totaling $207.

Your gift that you gave freely to us, will be an never ending monument in each of our hearts as long as we live.

May God through His incredible Power protect and greatly bless you all and so of us as well.


Charles N. Kealakai, John Like, Alexander Smith, Joseph Halekii, Charles Wainui, Ilihia, J. W. Kauka, John Kaimu, Benjamin Aalona, John Moses, William Keaouli, Isaac Yates, Puu, Samuel John, Hairam Kuhano [Hiram Kuhano].

(Kuokoa, 5/27/1893, p. 1)

Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XXXII, Helu 21, Aoao 1. Mei 27, 1893.

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