Death of Edward Kamakau Lilikalani, 1917.

Edward K. Lilikalani Left this Life Behind

On the Fourth of last week, Edward K. Lilikalani left this life at sixty-eight years of age at his home on 415 Queen Street, and on this Sunday his body was carried from Williams’ place [mortuary] for the cemetery of Kawaiahao where the last service will be held over his body by the kahu of Kawaiahao, H. H. Parker.

During the time of King Kalakaua, Edward K. Lilikalani was a captain of the King’s bodyguards; after the passing of King Kalakaua, Lilikalani remained in that very same post when Queen Liliuokalani ascended the throne of Hawaii nei, and there were many positions held by Lilikalani under the Hawaiian Monarchy under Colonel Iaukea, the current Secretary of the territory.

Lilikalani was selected as a dignified member of the legislature during the monarchy and so too during the Territory he was the representative of fourth district in the very first session of the territorial legislature.

On June 16th of 1902, Lilikalani held a party to celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of his marriage with his first wife.

During this past year, 1914, Lilikalani ran as a Republican, but he did not get elected, and in 1916, Lilikalani ran as a Democratic candidate, but was not elected; that was his last race, and he left to where we all must go.

Lilikalani was one of the secretaries in the tax department, until he just left this life; he was employed in this department for many years.

He was only ill for a few days, and on the morning of this Thursday that it came on strong, and at that time that death came because of his throwing up blood.

Lilikalani was a very fervent brethren of the Kawaiahao Church, and he was a right hand mand for the church. From the side of this spokesman [the Aloha Aina Newspaper], we join the woman who is left without a husband and all of the family, in sadness, but it is His will that is done, and not that of the child of man.

(Aloha Aina, 11/16/1917, p. 4)


Ke Aloha Aina, Buke XII, Helu 46, Aoao 4. Novemaba 16, 1917.

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