Bernice A. Pauahi Bishop?

With the birthday of ka wahine hele la o Kaiona coming up tomorrow, I am still in search of what the initial “A.” stands for in her name. She is referred to a number of times as “B. A. Pauahi Bishop,” “A. Pauahi Bishop,” “A. Pauahi,” &c.

“A hua a pane, pane mai.”

2 thoughts on “Bernice A. Pauahi Bishop?

  1. Perhaps “Aliiwahine”? I searched for “Aliiwahine Pauahi” and got 44 results, such as “ka Mea Hanohano C. R. Bihopa me kana Aliiwahine Pauahi” on page 2 in the 8 June 1865 edition of Kuokoa.

    • That has been suggested by others as well, but the problem with that is the “A.” does not happen with any other aliiwahine to my knowledge. But who knows. Mahalo for your response!

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