Suggests back a suggestion to Maui News, 1903.

We do not need any of your sarcasm, Mr. Man of the Maui News. It may have been well meant, yet we fail to see it in that light, for “scholarly” we do not claim to be, but surely, we are “scholarly” as far as our own mother tongue is concerned, which is something that you, aged malihini, cannot touch nor express yourself upon.

We may be also able to “suggest a suggestion” to the aged editor as to how to become “scholarly” and proficient in the use of the Hawaiian language, only his age precludes us from making it, i. e., as to how use of a well-known “dictionary” in order to be proficient in the use of our vernacular. He “suggestions a suggestion” that the Hawaiians themselves should initiate a movement to establish a college at some eligible place on the Islands where pure and classic Hawaiian should be taught and preserved with its meles and genealogies.” There’s no need of going that far, Mr. Editor-Judge, for when we had native schools in existence under Government control, they were not much sought for, the later Governmental policy being to inculcate the teaching of the language of the foreigner to youths of the country, and now the native schools are things of the past. But the Hawaiian is not yet counted among the “dead” languages; it is still in existence and our Maui brother (of the quill) can master it if he may will it. The matter is up to him, and if he wants to learn, we can offer our services, but otherwise, he can for himself secure a “living” teacher right there in Wailuku. Discard one and take up another.

(Independent, 8/11/1903, p. 2)


The Independent, Volume XVII, Number 2579, Page 2. August 11, 1903.

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