A. A. Montano takes pictures of Queen Emma, 1880.

Mr. Montana [A. A. Montano] has lately made an addition to his premises in Fort Street in the form of a photographic show room, which will well repay a visit. A large number of the productions of his studio and of other works of art are to be seen there tastefully arranged and forming a really interesting collection. Amongst other additions to his appliances Mr. Montana sometime ago received one of Dallmeyer’s celebrated lenses of a size suitable for taking large pictures. We have to acknowledge a present from him of a fine picture measuring 20 inches by 16 of Her Majesty Queen Dowager Emma. The arrangements for this picture were prepared with great care by Mr.Montana himself, the background representing a room of palatial character. The likeness is striking and the grouping of the picture excellent. Other likenesses of Her Majesty with the same surroundings, in cabinet size, are to be seen (and purchased) at the show room in Fort Street.

(PCA 9/8/1880, p. 3)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume XXV, Number 12, Page 3. September 12, 1880.

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