Queen Emma portrait offered for 1881 subscription of Kuokoa, 1880.



FOR 1881!

“While the rain is still in the sky, clear the fields below.”

“Time and tide wait for no man; we need to be prepared.”

Therefore, O Friends of

“The Greatest Prize of the Hawaiian Nation.”

Make ready for the benefits of the


carried and place before you for the new coming year.

For all those subscribing to the


for 1881, with a payment of the


before the 31st of March, we will give as a Present a very fine Picture of the



This is the Photograph taken last by Mr. Montano, on Fort Street, and taken to New York where it was reprinted in beautiful colors. This is a valuable Picture, and a Proud Adornment for the Hawaiian Home.

Also—There will be treasures which the


searched after for its readers.

To be printed this coming year are some thoughts pertaining to the Law and work pertaining to Law.

We searched and found wise people who agreed to give some of their time to that cause.

This is a blessing for the District Magistrates, and valuable for all who are learning Law, and who are in the law profession, and for all who want to be knowledgeable.

The Sunday School Lessons will be continued by the hand of Makua Laiana [Father Lyons], along with other important things flowing out of his handy repository.

News of Foreign Lands being well prepared for the new year. The signs of the times amongst the Foreign Lands; Documents from Foreign Lands; Hopes and guidance for the Hawaiian People so  that they can rise up in enlightened living; those are some steps that the Kuokoa take to fulfill the thoughts of the many readers for the new year.

And everyone can trust that this


is for the Independence of Hawaii.

Another thing; please be quick friends with your remaining paper payments for this year before the end of this month so that we can make a clean job of it, for we made a promise to our Officers that we will not give papers to those who are in debt.


[The newspapers would offer an image or a calendar perhaps to encourage people to subscribe. Because these appeared as a single sheet separate from the newspapers themselves, they are rare today. The only extant one I can think of today is the 1906 Alemanaka from the Aloha Aina newspaper from which I have been basing my yearly calendars after.]

(Kuokoa, 12/4/1880, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XIX, Helu 49, Aoao 2. Dekemaba 4, 1880.

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