More on the kii, 1899.

An Interesting Idol.

Attorney Atkinson, who has taken a great interest in Hawaiian curios, has secured an idol which recently was found in the Ewa District, where virgin soil was being ploughed and turned over.

The idol is of a very ancient date and the Ohia wood in which it is carved has become black from the water and moist soil which perhaps for centuries have covered it.

the idol is a fine specimen however, and all experts have proclaimed it a most valuable find. It is fortunate that Mr. Atkinson happened to be on the spot when the relic was found or some superstitious native might have destroyed it.

Mr. Atkinson purchased the idol at once and if he should be willing to part with it, it is hoped that the Bishop Museum will secure it, or that it will go to one of the private collections of Hawaiian curios.

The features of the idol reminds us of a P. C. Advertiser editor—name unknown.

[I wonder if this indeed find its way to the Bishop Museum.]

(Independent, 10/14/1899, p. 3)


The Independent, Volume IX, Number 1330, Page 3. October 14, 1899.

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