The discovered kii and A. L. Atkinson, 1899.


A Valuable Idol Recently Discovered in an Ewa Rice Field.

Mr. A. L. Atkinson is now the owner of a valuable Hawaiian relic. In digging in one of the rice fields several days ago in the Ewa district of this Island, an idol was discovered buried in the mud. A picture of it is given above in three phases—the front, the side and the back. It stands a little over five feet high, and is not like any other idol known. The person who found it knew that Mr. Atkinson was a collector of curios, and brought it to him. It was purchased for a sum of three figures. Professor Brigham has examined it and pronounces it to be genuine. Several of the older natives have examined it and call it very ancient. It is said by them to be not a local god, but a heiau god. One person who has examined it says it is Ku Kaili Moku, or, in short, Kaili, or feather god. Mr. Atkinson does not believe it is. It is make of black ohia wood. This valuable find will be critically examined by the natives, and its history obtained, if possible. It is in fair state of preservation, but some of the carvings are not understood, because they are somewhat obliterated.

[If Mr. Aki is not A. L. Atkinson, then did Mr. Aki pay $30 for the kii and then quickly sell it off for “a sum of three figures”?]

(Hawaiian Gazette, 10/17/1899, p. 6)


Hawaiian Gazette, Volume XXXIV, Number 84, Page 6. October 17, 1899.

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