Mary Jane Fayerweather Montano story part 3 continued, 1893.


(Continued from Page 5)

Dr. Ed. Hoffmann as chairman of the general committee, we went to the ball. There I met Miss Mary Burbank, Dr. Hoffmann’s young niece, who was assisting him to do the honors of the evening. It seemed in those days no function was complete without Dr. Hoffmann, who was a prominent gentleman here. He was deeply interested in Hawaiian affairs. A few years later, sometime in the 70s, he encouraged us to send Hawaiian fancy work to the Berlin exposition. I made pumpkin straw flowers made from the white, satiny fiber of the pumpkin stalks and a few months afterward I received a gold locket and chain as a prize. It was sent on in care of Dr. Hoffmann.

Howell Dr. Judd knew what was best for us Fayerweather children. He wanted to fit us for our future just as father would have done, had he lived long enough.

(To be Continued)

(Advertiser, 12/16/1923, p. 6)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 68th Year, Number 12,912, Page 6. December 16, 1923.

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