Mary Jane Fayerweather Montano story lost conclusion? 1894.


Before proofs of Mrs. Montano’s story of old times in Honolulu could be corrected for historical accuracy, the instalment was published in the magazine section of yesterday’s issue of The Advertiser.

Mrs. Montano, who is now seriously ill in the Queen’s hospital, wished to correct a statement she had made toward the end of the narrative, in the next to the last paragraph.

This reads, “who are blood relatives of the late King Lunalilo, on their great grandmother, Namahana i ka lele one lani’s side, she being the daughter of Queen Peleuli and Kaleimamahu, brother of Kamehameha the Great.” Mrs. Montano would have eliminated the part referring to Queen Peleuli, which she says is incorrect. Also she now recalls that the little Prince of Hawaii reviewed the king’s troops in the palace grounds and not at the old royal barracks.

[Auggggggh! I have yet to locate this last installment of the story. If anyone can find the magazine section of the 1/6/1924 issue of the Advertiser, please tell me where it is located. As for her being in the Queen’s Hospital, on the 13th of December of the previous year, it seems she fell and broke her hip at her Manoa home.]

(Advertiser, 1/7/1924, p. 3)


The Honolulu Advertiser, 68th Year, Number 12,924, Page 3. January 7, 1924.


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