Maunaala, 1891.


From the memory of someone familiar with the alii who are placed sleeping motionless in the bosom of Mauna Ala, Nuuanu, we brought their names below so that their people will memorize it for themselves,

or so that new generations will learn of their alii who have gone before, who are exalted by the nation. This list of names however is open for the correcting of names that were dropped, names that are not accurate, and to all corrections of the fine twists of the true list of the heavenly monarchs and the alii who have the honor of lying together at the Royal Mausoleum so there will be no confusion.

* Kamehameha I.,
* Kamehameha II.,
Kamamalu (f),
* Kamehameha III.,
Hakaleleponi (f),
Kamehameha IV.,
Kaleleonalani (f),
Ka Haku o Hawaii,
Kamehameha V.,
M. Kekuanaoa,
Kinau (f),
V. K. Kaahumanu (f),
Kekauluohi (f),
* C. Kapaakea,
* Keohokalole (f),
* W. P. Leleiohoku,
* Likelike (f),
R. Keelikolani (f),
William Pitt Leleiohoku,
Kinau (m),
Keolaokalani (m),
A. Paki,
Konia (f),
Pauahi (f),
* Keoni Ana (m),
* Alapai (f),
* Naea (m),
* Kekela (f),
* Kaeo (m),
* Lahilahi (f),
* P. Y. Kaeo,
* Namakaeha (m),
* Maikui (f),
* Kaiminaauao,
* Kekaulike (f),
* Keliiahonui (m),
Kepookawelo (m),
Nunu (m),
Kakohe (m),
Kapiolani I.,
* W. L. Lee,
* R. C. Wyllie,
* C. B. Rooke.

The alii with an asterisk to the left of their name, let it be known that their coffins are placed above. And the alii who have no symbol in the list, they are all hidden under the beloved soil of Mauna Ala, waiting for the day that the Angel will wake the dead.

(Ko Hawaii Paeaina, 2/14/1891, p. 2)


Ko Hawaii Paeaina, Buke XIV, Helu 7, Aoao 2. Feberuari 14, 1891.

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