Volcanic activity, 1919.

Kilauea Displays Renewed Activity

According to a radiogram received by L. W. de Vis-Norton Wednesday night, a wonderful spectacle is developing at Halemaumau. The lava has risen to within 200 feet of the rim of the pit, and hundreds of fountains are in violent action.

The scene is described by Professor Jaggar as being fully as spectacular as the recent great lava flow into the sea at Alika during the eruption of Mauna Loa. While the heat rising from the pit is intense, it is prossible to get right to the rim, though visitors are using shields made from cardboard picnic plates or thin wood.

The lake is rapidly increasing in size as it rises, and as the area develops more and more fountains are called into being. Professor Jaggar states that the volcano has never shown more spectacular features than now. The rate of rising is easily a record, having been nearly 400 feet in little over a week.

[Did you check out yesterday’s “Welo Hou” post? I wonder where the article pertaining to David Alapai is. I did a search, but could not find it. Perhaps it appears in the Hilo Daily Tribune, which unfortunately is not available for search online.]

(PCA, 12/12/1919, p. 4)


(Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume LIX, Number 11805, Page 4. December 12, 1919.


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