On population, 1873.

Population of the Hawaiian Archipelago.

In this issue, we put before as a free paper for our readers the population chart of these Hawaiian Islands for the year 1872. For those who understand the population chart, they will think that it is something valuable, but for those who think it has no value, we should probably cover the important aspects.

In the census of 1866, in this nation, there were 34,395 men, and 28,564 women—totaling 62,959; but in the census of the past 1872, there were only 31,650 men and 25,247 women, totaling 56,897.

The decrease from 1866 to 1872 was 6,062, which was about 11 percent or a little more. The number of men over women in 1866 was 5,831, but in the past 1872, it was seen that there were 6,403 more men than women. Perhaps the reason for the great increase in the number of men over women was because of the great influx of Chinese, for there are 755 more men now as compared to 1866, while three of the women have died.

The number of just Hawaiians and hapa haole was 51,531, but their total in 1866 was 58,765, therefore it is clear that in that past six years there was a decrease of 7,234. From within this number, we know that there was a decrease of 8,081 in full Hawaiians, while there was an increase of 847 in hapa haole.

The number of haole in 1866 was 4,194 and in 1872, it was 5,366, which shows that they increased 1,172. When the sex [kama]* of the haole are divided up, there were 3,328 men and 866 women in 1866, and there were 2,462 more men than women. But in 1872, it was seen that there were 4,295 men and 1071 women; that being there were 3,224 more men than women. The Chinese were included in this total.

In 1866, the number of those who were married was 31,287, but in 1872, there were on 25,759, which was a decrease of 5,528. Those who were not married in 1866, were 31,672 and in the new census of 1872, there were 31,138.

Those below the age of 15 in the census of 1866, was 16,678, and in 1872, there were only 15,800. Those between 15 and 40 years old in the 1866 census were 26,497; and in the 1872 census, only 23,561. In 1866 the number of those more than 40 years old was 19,784, but in the past 1872, there were only 17,536. The percentage of those below 15 years old rose a little in the past six years. It is as if it is a return.

Those who had kuleana lands in 1866 were 7,154, whereas in 1872 there were only 6,589; the number of those dropped 574. Those who had occupations [oihana lawelawe] in 1866 was 512, but now there are 1,310; this is a huge increase, but the reason for this increase is not known to us.

The number of farmers in 1866 were 8,258 but in 1872, there were 9,670. Those under yearly contracts in 1866 were 5,025, but only 4,772 in 1872.

Laborers in 1866 numbered 1,146 and in 1872 it grew to 2,115—this shows that many became laborers.

Under the heading, “Born in Hawaii nei with haole parents,” we see there were 418 men and 431 women in the 1872 census.

Something important in the census of 1872, that was the counting of the different ethnicities living in Hawaii nei, like the following: 49,044 full Hawaiians, 2,487 hapa haole, 1,938 Chinese, 889 Americans, 849 children born in Hawaii nei with haole parents, 619 British, 395 Portuguese, 224 Germans, 88 French, and 364 haole of other ethnicities.

The number of full Hawaiians in 1832 was 130,000 but after the passing of forty years, the people to whom is the land deceased drastically to just 49,044! From within this number, 438 are leprosy patients at Kalawao.

What we must think about is the life of the lahui, and how we are to increase it.

*Kama is sometimes used to mean sex, as in male or female.

[I have not seen an example of this extra page of this issue of Kuokoa.]

(Kuokoa, 3/15/1873, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke XII, Helu 11, Aoao 2. Maraki 15, 1873.

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