Year of the boar and some quilting to boot at Hawi Mill, 1899.


My dear Loea Kalaiaina,

Aloha oe:—

Here at Hawi Mill, some Hawaiian women started up a Quilting Club, and they named it, “Ka Hui Laulima a ke Aloha.” They are now active, headed by Mrs. K. Liwai, and Mrs. A. Kipi, Treasurer. Their work will be followed by progress.

The New Years [Konohi] days of the Chinese here in Hawi were peaceful, and a holiday for the boys of China [Aina Pua], and there was only one thing wrong, the other ethnicities went presumptuously to the doors of the Chinese celebrating new years, and were only satisfied when receiving a cup of intoxicant [apu laau holokake] (The iron is hot.)

On the 15th of this month, Kaukini and Mahiole were apprehended [? kikooia] by the Sheriff C. H. Pulaa. To be questioned pertaining to the disappearance of Makakoa, being that his disappearance for a long period of 14 days was suspicious, whereas human bones were found upland of Neue, Niulii; they are believed to be the bones of Makakoa. But the features of the person could not be determined because of the deterioration of the body of the person, and Kaukini and Mahiole were released. This is just a little news from here in the country, the chin dangles.

(Loea Kalaiaina, 2/25/1899, p. 4)


Ka Loea Kalaiaina, Buke III, Helu 7, Aoao 4. Feberuari 25, 1899.


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