Kamehameha Schools Hoolaulea, 1926.


Get-Together Rally of Parents and Graduates on May 22

The second annual “Hoolaulea,” or Parents-Graduates Get-Together day, will be held on the Kamehameha schools campus Saturday afternoon and evening, May 22.

“The Cadet,” the weekly newspaper of the Kamehameha schools last Saturday got out a special “Hoolaulea” edition describing the program of events and inviting all parents and graduates back to the campus on that day.

Committees have been arranged from the various interested groups as follows: parents and guardians: Charles N. Arnold, Oscar P. Cox, Simeon Akaka, Mrs. Herman K. Miller, Robert Plunkett, John Vannatta and John Kaaha.

Alumni—Charles E. King, John K. Fern, Samuel K. Toomey.

Alumnae—Mrs. Robert S. Bayless, Mrs. Terry Keven, Miss Mae MeGowan.

Student Association—Daniel McGregor Jr., William Kea, Fanny Ellis, Louise McGregor, Albert Ruddle.


Faculty—Frank E. Midkiff, John Nelson, Abbie H. Newton, Maude Post, Capt. James R. Urquhart, Fred O. Wilkins, Bertha Van Anken, Rowena Anderson, Ruth Kruger, Helena Rowse.

A full program of stunts, exhibits, games and entertainment, has been provided for by the committee. This includes supper on the grounds at 6 o’clock, which will be provided at 25c. per plate, by the matrons and the general committee.

Marshal Oscar P. Cox will be on hand and will head the reception committee, seeing that all get acquainted and have a good time.

Senator Charles E. King, composer of many favorite Hawaiian songs, will be in charge of the mass singing.

Senator Charles N. Arnold will preside at the evening program.

The baseball game between the “Old Timers” and the Varsity  will be arranged for by Abraham K. Lota. A girls’ volleyball game matching the alumnae team against a picked team of girls’ schol will be a feature provided by Mrs. Robert Bayless and her committee. Bowling on the green, pitching horseshoes and .22 calibre rifle shooting will be engaged in by all who wish to try their skill in these contests. Captain Urquhart and a committee will be in charge of these events.


The main address of the evening will be made by John H. Wise, of the class of 1897 and later of Oberlin College. Wise will tell tales of earlier days at Kamehameha and in Hawaii nei.

A feature of the evening program, also, will be the essay contest. Eight students selected from a large group will compete for prizes offered by the Kamehameha Alumni Association.

There will be music by the graduate association, and by the schools’ glee clubs, hand and orchestra, singly and together.

This is the second annual “Hoolaulea,” the beginning event last year being a success in every way. Arrangements are being made for several hundred guests on the campus on this day.

The work of all departments of the schools will be prepared in the form of actual, operating exhibits, demonstrated and explained by the students to all interested guests.

[Tomorrow is already the 94th annual Hoolaulea! Who is going? I wonder if the Kamehameha Schools Archives has a copy of this special edition of the Cadet.]

(Advertiser, 5/11/1926, p. 3)


Honolulu Advertiser, 70th Year, Number 13,973, Page 3. May 11, 1926.

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