Mali leo, 1893.

Equal Rights Under America.

Editor Bulletin:—

The P. C. A. [Pacific Commercial Advertiser] and Liberal are giving us a duet about the benefits we will derive from annexation. The music is very sweet, but I for one am inclined to be sceptical and want a whole ton of salt with their literary effusions. I can see where owners of Government bonds and water front lots on Pearl Harbor will get the benefits of annexation, but the planters and natives—to use a slang expression—their benefits are out of sight, the planters lose everything and get nothing, and I would like to ask the editor of the Liberal (for the P. C. A. man knows nothing about it), what grounds he has for thinking the kanaka will be any better treated than the Indian or Negro. The United States Government has broken treaties with the Cherokees, Seminoles and other Indian tribes, and as for the Negro he has political freedom in the North; in the Southern States he votes the Democratic ticket or does not vote at all, and as far as he (the Negro) is concerned there is no use for the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the American Constitution, as those articles are never enforced.

And so, if the editors of the P. C. A. and Liberal will come of the roof and give us facts and figures I for one will be very glad, for even the kanakas don’t swallow gospel and the 4th of July orations like they used to.

Another Tourist.

Honolulu, March 9, 1892.

(Daily Bulletin, 3/11/1893, p. 1)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume V, Number 672, Page 1. March 11, 1893.


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