Laieikawai musical, 1923.




Presenting the beautiful legend of Laiekawai and Aiwohikupua, a picturesque and colorful setting with costumes such as were worn in former days by kings and chiefs. An exceptional Hawaiian presentation of unusual beauty, replete with songs and startling scenes.

A special concert presenting solos and choruses with Joseph Kamakau, well known baritone; Johnny Noble, jazz king, on the Xylophone, and Sam Toomey, tenor, and the big Lunalilo chorus.

Don’t miss this big show. The spectacle of the year.


Lunalilo Circle No. 279
Companions of the Forest

—at the—


Monday Night, May 7th
Tuesday Night, May 8th

(Star-Bulletin, 5/3/1923, p. 4)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXX, Number 9782, Page 4. May 3, 1923.

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