More on the Lunalilo Circle performance of Laieikawai, 1923.


‘In the Forest of Hawaii’ Is Excellent Production; To Be Repeated Tonight

The first performance of “In the Forest of Hawaii” was presented by the members of Lunalilo Circle No.279 before an enthusiastic crowd at the New Princess theater last night.

Owing to the poor lighting it was almost impossible for the audience to read the programs, but otherwise “In the Forest of Hawaii” was a successful and pleasing performance and in the hands of a number of capable singers and musicians rose to the true spirit of Hawaiian traditions.

Every number of the program, which was unusually long, was of a pleasing character and the audience expressed its approval most heartily.

The stage was decorated with shrubbery of all kinds to give the appearance of a forest in Hawaii. Leis were much in evidence and many of the singers and musicians were decorated by enthusiastic admirers, the leis being handed over the footlights.

Following a number of selections by Johnny Noble, Mrs. Lucy Lopes sang “Lei Loke o Kawika.” This song was composed by Mary Jane Montano.

George E. Aylett and Charles B. Wilson followed with “Palolo” on the steel guitar.Joseph Kamakau, accompanied by Mrs. Rose Holt Kekuewa, sang “Makalapua.”

Mrs. Jane Holt Thurston and Miss Lydia Holt and a chorus followed with “Wai o Punalau.”

Mrs. Elizabeth Ahu, Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhn, Miss Lily Kahi, Miss Alice Koikoi, Mrs. Martha Scott and Miss Elizabeth Holt, who followed Mrs. Thurston, sang a motion song which was well received. Miss Kauhi was the director.

James Kahale sang “Wahine Ui” and “Mama E.” They were enthusiastically received by the audience.

Louis Miranda, who appeared on the stage carrying crutches, won the approval of the audience with his ukulele selections and his cartoons also pleased.

Miranda was followed by a motion song, “Roseleilani.” Some of the other selections were: “Lei Awapuhi” by Mrs. Lizzie Alohikea, accompanied by Hawaiian band, (composed by Major Kealakai); “Paauau Waltz,” Mrs. Lizzie Alohikea, accompanied by Hawaiian band, (composed by Charles E. King); steel guitar selection, “Sweet and Low,” George E. Aylett and Charles B. Wilson.

Part of the program opened with a Chinese laundry act, arranged by David A. Espinda. Those in the cast were David Akana Espinda, Leander Beckley, Charles H. Holt, John K. Kekuewa and Elizabeth Holt.

This act was well received. Lopez’ club then followed with a selection.

One of the hits of the performance was the act of the hula girls. They were Mrs. W. H. Neff, Mrs. Mary Pickard, Mrs. Louisa Hickey and Miss Libbie Keanini.

“The Wooing of Gods and Goddesses of Hawaii,” a beautiful legend of Laiekawai, formed a part of the program.This legend was told in music form in the Hawaiian opeara arranged by Mrs. Rosalie Puea Blaisdell, and directed by Mrs. Rose Holt Kekuewa, chief companion of Lunalilo Circle. The characters were:

Laiekawai—Miss Lydia Kawohikukahi-o-Liliuokalani Holt.

Wakea (Laiekawai’s grandmother)—Mrs. George H. Holt, Sr.

Aiwohikupua—Samuel Toomey.

Kalukaluokewa (his bosom friend)—Christopher Keaweopala Holt.

Kaonohiokala (another friend)—Alfred Patten.

Mailehaiwale (Aiwohi’s sister)—Mrs. James Kananimauloa-o-Kekauluohi Holt Thurston.

Mailekaluhea (Aiwohi’s sister)—Mrs. Christopher K. Holt.

Mailelaulii (Aiwohi’s sister)—Mrs. Margaret E.  Aki.

Mailepakaha (Aiwohi’s sister)—Mrs. Samuel Toomey.

Kahalaomapuana (Aiwohi’s sister)—Mrs. Severrina Kapua-o-Kemilia Holt Chan.

Attendants to Laiekawai—Miss Elizabeth Umiokalani Holt, Miss Wattie Rhoada Kahaialiikapu Holt, Miss Mabel Harris.

Guards—George Hoonewanewaonalani Holt, Jr., Valentine Cedarlof.

The Lunalilo chorus, which took a prominent part in the program was composed of Mrs. Lizzie Alohikea, Mrs. Lucy K. Lopez, Mrs. Jane Holt Thurston, Mrs. Elizabeth Ahu, Mrs. Elizabeth Kuhn, Mrs. Severina Holt Chan, Miss Lydia K. Holt, Miss Wattie R. Holt, Miss Elizabeth U. Holt, Miss Mabel Harris, Mrs. Margaret E.Aki, Mrs. Annie Toomey, Mrs. Julia Holt, Joseph Kamakau, Samuel Toomey, Alfred Patten, Christopher Holt, Clifford Bowman, John Simerson, Chris Alden, John Nakoa, Robert Kauahikaua, Allen Akina, James Kahale, Joseph Lopez, David Kapohakimohewa.

Members of the orchestra were: Major Kealakai, William Ewaliko, William Smith, William Kahele, Robert Kamaunu, John Punua, Kou Kapioho, Charles Palikapu.

The performance will be repeated tonight at the New Princess, beginning at 8:15 o’clock.

Antone Kaoo and Hula Dancers, in Lunalilo Circle Show

(Star-Bulletin, 5/8/1923, p. 4)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXX, Number 9785, Page 4. May 8, 1923.

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