Kapiolani Maternity Home celebration, 1894.

Maternity Home Luau.

One of the biggest Hawaiian feasts seen in years is down for next Saturday. That is the luau for the beneficent institution, the Kapiolani Maternity Home. It will be held at the place itself. One thousand tickets have been issued and there is bound to be a large crowd. Besides the service of native viands in the ancient style, there will be tables for foreigners whose tastes have not been cultivated to the mat and Adam’s eating utensils. Tables will be respectively under the management of the following named ladies: Mrs. Haalelea, Mrs. Nakuina, Mrs. S. Parker, Mrs. J. F. Colburn, Princess Poomaikelani, Mrs. Robert Lewers, Mrs. W. Auld (assisted by Mr. Auld), Mrs.C. A. Brown, Mrs. J. A. Cummins, Mrs.Luther Wilcox and Mrs. J.Kaae. The Hawaiian National band will play at the feast. Tickets are for sale at the Golden Rule Bazaar—price $1; for school children 50 cents, and wee tots two for one ticket. The luau will begin at one o’clock and continue throughout the afternoon.

(Daily Bulletin, 3/27/1894, p. 3)


The Daily Bulletin, Volume VII, Number 992, Page 3. March 27, 1894.

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