Pertaining to the luau at the Kapiolani Maternity Home, 1894.


At the meeting of the Hoola Lahui Society [Hui Hooulu a Hoola Lahui] held at Kapiolani Home on the 4th of April, 1894, it was decided that the Secretary of the Society will put these words of appreciation before the public:

The President, the Queen Dowager Kapiolani, the Board of Trustees and the Lady Managers [Lede Hooponopono] of Kapiolani Home Hoohanau Keiki (Kapiolani Maternity Home), gives their full appreciation to all of the open-hearted people from Hawaii to Kauai who donated supplies for the table of the Luau party held on the 31st day of March for the benefit of the Home.

And they express their unending thanks to the Generous Ladies and the patient young ones who carried out and led that endeavor to its fruition for the benefit of the native people of the land.

Because of your aloha, your Maternity Home has made after all of the expenses, a total of $1151.50.

All my thanks to everyone,

Obedient and humble servant.
Eugene Moluhi Reis,

Mrs. L. Wilcox also extends her full appreciation for the loving assistance of these wealthy merchants below, to

J. J. Egan, N. S. Sachs,

B. F. Ehlers, J. T. Waterhouse,

M. S. Grinbaum & Co., L. Ahlo,

T. H. Davies & Co., per Swant,

M. S. Levy, Sin Loy & Co.,

and Goo Kim.

(Hawaii Holomua, 4/7/1894, p. 3)


Hawaii Holomua, Buke I, Helu 44, Aoao 3. Aperila 7, 1894.

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