Even more deaths from oopuhue, 1925.


Die Shortly After Eating Oopuhue: Autopsy To Be Performed By Dr. Ayer

Two Chinese died suddenly Thursday night a few hours after eating oopuhue, a variety of poisonous fish abounding in Hawaiian waters, and emergency hospital authorities and Coroner Julius W. Asch are today conducting an investigation to determine the exact nature of the poisoning.

The dead men are Leong Tock, fisherman, of Room 17, Kamanuwai Lane, and Yong Chang of Room 28, Kamanuwai Lane, owner of the Saimin Store.  According to the report now in the hands of the coroner, the two men ate the fish at dinner last night and when they had finished both complained of not feeling well. Leong’s oldest daughter suggested that they lie down, and when the men began to grow rapidly worse, she called Dr. Wah Tai Chang. When Dr. Chang arrived Yong was dead and Leong dying. Both bodies were taken to the morgue and Officer Solomon Makalana was sent to the home of the Chinese to investigate.

Dr. Richard G. Ayer, emergency hospital physician, will perform autopsies upon the bodies today and Coroner Julius W. Asch will then ask for a report from the Board of Health upon an analysis of the contents of the stomachs of the two men. When this is ascertained a coroner’s inquest will be held.

Leong is survived by a wife and seven children, all of whom were present when the men were stricken.

(Star-Bulletin, 5/1/1925, p. 1)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXXII, Number 10400, Page 1. May 1, 1925.

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