Look at all these participants, 1930.


Flower Show Today, Old Hawaii Feature Tonight, Are Main Program Events

Spectacular Water Carnival Saturday To Bring Spring Fete To End


Today—”Flowers of Hawaii” exhibit, Royal Hawaiian hotel ballroom, 1 to 10:30 p.m.

Tonight—Pageant of Old Hawaii, Waialae Golf club grounds, 8:30 p.m. (Bus runs from end of Kaimuki carline from 7:30 to midnight.)

Saturday: Surfboard polo and water sports, Waikiki beach, 2:30 p.m.

With three big events of the Aloha Spring Festival already passed into glorious history, attention is now turned to the four remaining events—the Outdoor Circle flower show at the Royal Hawaiian hotel today, the spectacular Pageant of Old Hawaii at 8:30 p.m. at the Waialae Golf club, the surfboard polo Saturday in front of the Royal Hawaiian and the grand climax to the festival, the water carnival in Honolulu harbor Saturday at 8:30 p.m.

No bad weather is expected to upset the evening’s proceedings. The Hawaiian village has been completed at the golf club, all lighting and seating arrangements have been made, and the casts of the various events are ready to show to the public the results of weeks of rehearsing.

Seat sales indicate that this event will be the most popular of any of those of the festival, and a record crowd is expected. Promises have been made by those in charge that not one person will be disappointed in this unique display of the glories of court life of ancient Hawaii.

Parking Arrangements

Parking space has been arranged for approximately 360 automobiles inside the gate of Waialae golf links. Parking space has also been arranged in the public park just outside Waialae golf links gate and along both sides of Kahala Ave. Traffic policemen and Boy Scouts will assist each automobile in parking.

After the parkin space in Waialae links has been filled, no further automobiles will be allowed past the gate. Automobiles coming late will drop their passengers at the gate and park in the outside area under the guidance of traffic police.

Water Carnival

Parking at the water pageant is under the guidance of the traffic squad, which will permit automobiles to drive to the pier entrance, discharge their passengers and then direct them to parking spaces near the pier.

Directed by  Earl Schenck

The Pageant of Old Hawaii tonight is directed by Earl Schenck, assisted by Walter Moulin. Murray Johnson is in charge of lighting effects and the Hawaiian Electric Co. handled the wiring equipment and lights.

Before and after the pageant the Royal Hawaiian band will play, and there will be a special dinner at the…

(Star-Bulletin, 4/11/1930, p. 1)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXXVII, Number 11911, Page 1. April 11, 1930.

…Waialae Golf club before the performance. Afterward the golf club will have a dance.

Story of the Pageant

The story of the pageant with the cast and players in the various set is:

“Kamehameha I of Hawaii conquered Maui, Molokai and Oahu by 1795. Kauai remained unconquered. Kamehameha’s invasion plans failed. King Kaumualii of Kauai, beau ideal of Hawaiian manhood, desiring peace, sent an emissary to Kamehameha I, at Honolulu, in 1810, proposing a peaceful cession of Kauai. Kamehameha required the Kauaian king to come to Honolulu in person. Kaumualii arrived in a foreign ship. High chiefs with Kamehameha suggested that Kaumualii be slain on arrival. John Young and Isaac Davis, Englishmen, the advisers of Kamehameha, garbed partly as chiefs, protested. The chiefs insisted. When Kaumualii landed Isaac Davis secretly divulged the plot to the royal visitor.

“Imposing ceremonies marked the entry of Kamehameha, his queens and their suites in regal processions, and the arrival of Kaumualii and his suite, each personage being accompanied by brilliant and lofty feather kahilis and guards.

“When Kaumualii ceded his island and announced his loyalty to Kamehameha, his guards lowered their spears and the kahili bearers dipped these symbols of royalty to the conqueror, while Kaumualii removed his beautiful  feather cloak which was laid at the feet of Kamehameha. The kings embraced. A luau was served to them. The Makahiki, god of sports, was brought out and entertainment was provided in which the athletes of all Hawaii exhibited their prowess in games and in the ancient sports of wrestling, umauma, ulumaika rolling, spear throwing, the warrior-athletes drilling, while to the accompaniment of gourds and drums the entertainment closed with exhibitions of the hula.

“The cession of Kauai to Kamehameha is a matter of history.”

This pageant is presented by the Aloha Spring Festival committee for 1930, and is under the auspices of the Daughters and Sons of Hawaiian Warriors.

Cast of Players


Kamehameha I—Joseph Kamakau.

Kaumualii—Fred Beckley Jr.

Kaahumanu—Cecilia Kaeo.

Keopuolani—Helena K. Reis.

Counselors—Jack Clarke, Joseph Victor, David Bray.

Kahili Bearers to Kaumualii—David Liwai, Umi Beckley.

Kahili Bearers to Kamehameha I—Herbert Watson.

Kamehameha’s Advisers—”Isaac Davis,” Harry Davison; “John Young,” Knute Cottrell; “Hewahewa,” St. Chad Piianaia.

Officers—Kamehameha’s general, David Kahanamoku; wagstail to Kamehameha, Sam Kahanamoku; first messenger from Kaumualii, Charles Amalu Keeaumoku; second messenger from Kaumualii, William Kahanamoku.

Conch Shell—Malulani Kahea.

Hawaiian Village

Mrs.  Clara M. Mokumaia, leader.

Mothers—Mrs. John Lincoln, Mrs. William Lemu, Mrs. William Kau, Mrs. Joseph Ernsberg, Mrs. Dan Kau Jr., Mrs. J. K. Mokumaia, Mrs. Dan Kau Sr.

Girls for Swing—Miss Melie Kulsom, Miss Elizabeth Hart, Miss Juliana Kukonu, Miss Elizabeth Kukonu.

Mat Weavers—Katrina Kau, Rose Char, Anna Kukonu, Clara Williams.

Fish Net Menders—Ward Lemu, Kealoha Ernsberg, Kaonohi Puhi, Wainae Mokumaia.

Calabash Carriers—Keoho Puahi, William Lemu, Henry Lee.

Children’s Games—(Girls), Mabel Lemu, Malie Lemu, Helen Kipi, Kelei Kipi; (boys), Joe Kau, Herman Kukonu, Gabriel Kukonu, Harry Lemu.

Royal Hula

Mrs. Mary K. Heanu, director.

Gourd Beaters—Mary K. Heanu, Lucy K. Logan, Matilda Kauwe, Hannah Pung, Mrs. Kaalouahi, Kathleen Philip, Lizzie Abreu.

Hula Dancers—Mrs. Annie Roberts, Annie Roberts, Hattie Caminos, Ella Kalani, Doren May, Baby May, Annie Kauwe, Hannah Kauwe, Becky Pung, Rachel Pung, Esther Jackson, Josephine Picard, Honu Cooke, Moku Matsumoto, Iolani Keahi, Miss Cecilia.

Hula Olapa (names of various dances)—1, Kauai; 2, Hilo e Puili; 3, Anapau Olapa; 4, Alekoki Uliuli; 5, Kona Hema o Kalani Uliuli.

Hula Uliuli

(Ancient Dance by Males)

Joseph Ilalaole, instructor; Arthur Mahoe, captain; David K. Harbottle, Holi Kalalau, Sam Kapu, Charles Buchanan, Sam Rogers, Charlie Auld, John C. Simerson.

Molokai Hula

(Ancient dance, males and females, seldom seen in modern times.)

Emma Kealiiekukahilikalelekalahikiolaokalani Fern, director.

Girls—Kealiikukahilihiapo Victoria, Kealiikekulamanu M. Sales, Lily Aimoku Fern, Kahuakailani Kauhini Poki, Kaaumoanaikekaionanale Smith, Hanakeawe La Fortune.

Boys—Samuel A. K. Silva, Charles Copp, David Harbottle, Henry Hart Judd, Arthur K. Mahoe, H. Kalalau, Sam Kapu.

Athletes and Warriors

David Kahamoku, leader.

(Comprising boxers, wrestlers, uma wrestlers, ulumaika bowlers, spear throwers, net throwers, from the “Waikiki Beach Boys”.)

Sam Kahanamoku, uma; “Tough Bill”, Ulumaika; Louis Kahanamoku, uma; Malcolm Paoa, spears; John de Kaupiko Jr., wrestler; H. Field, ulumaika; Earl Aguiar, uma; Charles Amalu, messenger; Sam Poepoe, wrestler; Melvin Paoa net boy; John “Nabox” Kauha Lee, spear; Sam Aki, uma; Bob Nichols, spear; Abe Umiamaka, wrestler; Andy Gump, boxer; Frank Telles, spear; Ernie “China” Wilson, wrestler; Curly Cornwall, boxer; Jimmy Whittle, spear; Willie Whittle, boxer; Kimo Guerrero, net thrower; Jack Hiona, sports’ god attendant; Joe Miner, spear; Panama Dave, coconut husker and food bearer; Joe Akana, boxer; “Offie” Rutherford, guard; Bill Curtain, guard; Brooks, konane player; John de Kaupiko Sr. (?); Major Kahele, guard; Happy Lee, guard; Kanekoa, luna of imu.

(Star-Bulletin, 4/11/1930, p. 6)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume XXXVII, Number 11911, Page 6. April 11, 1930.

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