Elizabeth Kupau remembers time in the Gilbert Islands, 1947.


At least four persons in Honolulu are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the American Board of Missions’ auxiliary schooner Morning Star VI.

The tentative arrival date for the Micronesia-bound missionary schooner is October 16.

# # #

Mrs. Elizabeth Kupau of 643 Lana lane sailed to the Gilbert islands in 1898 aboard the Morning Star V. At that time she was a year old.

Her father was the late Rev. S. P. Kaaia whose pastorate had been located at Puna, Hawaii.

# # #

Mrs. Kupau stayed in the Gilberts for 11 years and returned on the Morning Star V.

Mrs. Kupau, who speaks the language of the Gilbert islanders fluently, said this morning that she would like very much to return to the Gilberts on the Morning Star VI.

# # #

Carrie E. Bray of 4018 Kaimuki Ave. is the daughter of the late Capt. Isaia Bray, skipper of the Morning Star III. The captain went to the mainland to supervise the construction of the Morning Star IV.

# # #

Capt. Bray commanded the Morning Star IV on several voyages to Micronesia.

Simeon Nawaa of 1452 Dement St. was born on the Morning Star III.

# # #

The late husband of Mrs. Mary Snow of Hilo, F. G. Snow was engineer on the first trip of the Morning Star IV, first of the missionary vessels to have auxiliary power.

# # #

Presently Mrs. Snow is in Honolulu as the guest of Mrs. E. H. Schoen of 1428-A Dominos St. She will await the arrival of the Morning Star VI here.

(Star-Bulletin, 9/30/1947, p. 5)


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, Volume LIV, Number 17171, Page 5. September 30, 1947.


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