Hawaiian sailors, victims of the Shenandoah, 1865.

Alas for the Hawaiian Sailors.

This past Thursday, a Whaling Ship came in, with some men from the ships that were captured by the ship Shenandoah [Kenadoa]. It brought the victims of the ships which were burned. They were 52 in total, and four of them were taken to the Hospital. These are their names:—Kaloheole, Kekaawe, Mataio, and Kanalulu. We hear that they were assembled at the Customhouse [hale hana o ke Dute Awa], and they were given with aloha a sum of money by the Government to assist them. They did not copy those who became pirates, but they thought of themselves in the name of the Hawaiian Government.

(Kuokoa, 8/12/1865, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke IV, Helu 32, Aoao 2. Augate 12, 1865.

2 thoughts on “Hawaiian sailors, victims of the Shenandoah, 1865.

  1. Fascinating! I am a member at the Bishop Museum, but do not speak or read Hawaiian so your scattershot snippets from the archives are very much appreciated. I’ve become intrigued by anecdotes in a few different mainland sources referring to a “Kanaka Jack” who had a gold claim or mine in California. Have you ever come across references to such a person? I would be very much interested in hearing if you do. Mahalo–

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