Kamehameha Alumni to build building in honor of Ida M. Pope, 1919.


Work to build a building as a home for the girls is being planned, and this building will be a memorial to Miss Ida M. Pope who served as the first principal of the Kamehameha School for girls for twenty years.

At the last work meeting of the Kamehameha Alumni Association which met last Saturday, the association decided to build a memorial to the woman who put effort in and worked for the good of Hawaiian girls, and gave the past 20 years of her life working at the school.

And being that this is the twenty-fifth year that the Kamehameha School for Girls has been standing, it was felt that it was the perfect time to build a monument to her.

There are three selected committees, the executive committee [komite hooko], the treasury committee [komite waiwai], and the publicity committee [komite hoolaha], to get together a collection so that this desired work can progress. Miss Johanna N. Wilcox is the president of the association, and it was she who selected the various committees below. At 7:30 in this past evening meetings of the three different committees were held in the Kamehameha School for girls.

Below are the members of the committee: Treasury committee: Miss Frances Lemon, chair; Mrs. Daniel McGregor, Mrs. Harry Auld, Mrs. Julia Pauole, Mrs. George McIntyre, Mrs. Charles L. Hall.

Executive committee: Miss Abbie Newton, chair; Mrs. D. L. Peterson, Mrs. A. Olney, Mrs. William Espinda, Mrs. R. C.  Bayless.

Publicity committee: Miss Lydia Aholo, chair; Mrs. Frank Stillman, Mrs. Lang Akana, Mrs. Eugene Allen. Miss Johanna Wilcox is a member of all the committees, being that she is president.

A new home for the girls is what is wanted, being that the Kaiulani and Cluett homes are filled with girls now.

(Kuokoa, 10/24/1919, p. 2)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVII, Helu 43, Aoao 2. Okatoba 24, 1919.


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