Mission Houses Museum, 1920.


After not being paid attention to for many years, that old house of Levi Chamberlain [Levi Kamalena] in the old missionary lot at the corner of King and Kawaiahao, was spruced up and it is beautiful to see today as it looked when it was first built; it is supplied with office furnishings in preparation of bringing back some old relics of the missionary teachers there.

When the days of the Centennial is here, that old Chamberlain house will become a place where artifacts of the very first missionaries who came to these islands is brought together.

It is under the direction and leadership of George R. Carter that the furnishings of the house have been made, and his office is now on the second floor of the house. From his many books he brought into the house some very old sheets and books that were printed in Hawaiian at Lahainaluna, Maui, along with some papers first brought with the missionary teachers aboard the bark, the Thaddeus beneath Cape Horn [Lae Hao], in 1820; the very first newspapers and books printed at Lahainaluna, Maui, edited by Lorrin Andrews [Lorrin Anaru], the first school teacher of the missionaries, and the number of art on the walls of the house are greatly increasing.

There are some rare prints there of the death of Captain Cook which were printed in England a few years after the death of Captain Cook, and there too are some prints showing Kamehameha II and his Queen Kamamalu, while they were in a box in the theater of London, in that very short time the two of them were traveling in England.

The stone wall separating the  missionary house property from Kawaiahao lane was moved the other week, and a portion on the makai corner was cut off, and that cut off portion will become part of the road, and a portion of the road on the makai corner will become a cemetery for the missionaries in the future.

(Kuokoa, 3/26/1920, p. 3)


Ka Nupepa Kuokoa, Buke LVIII, Helu 13, Aoao 3. Maraki 26, 1920.


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