I know I have not been posting lately…

I have been in a weird funk for a while with all of what is going on in the world. But I just saw that the Welo Hou blog from Bishop Museum is back!

Maybe the museum is closed for a while to the public, but the work still goes on,

Check it out, a prayer for well being! OLA!

Ke Kumuhana o ke Ola o ke Kanaka

Happy Mele Monday!


5 thoughts on “I know I have not been posting lately…

  1. Bishop Museum survived 1893 revolution / F D Roosevelt driving thru the courtyard to see exhibits brought out to him in his car / Dec 7 & World War II closure of grounds by Navy, War workers living in Kamehameha School dorms on grounds, and then tons of vets who told their wives they visited the Museum / not Hotel Street [when they visited in 1970s with wives I always agreed with whatever they’d told wife they saw in exhibits in 40s !] BPBM will get through this; stay strong – thinking of you all


  2. Thank you so much. It is a tough time and I feel a new kind of kinship with everyone because we are all facing this together. Thank you for resting when you need and for continuing the work.


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