Response to “uneducated Haole in the art of Hula,” 1971.

Readers Forum

Hula Festival

Editor, The Tribune-Herald:

The obviously sincere, and marvelously “uneducated Haole in the art of Hula” who took me to task (Readers Forum 5/9) should spend a little time in research and study before he seeks to comment on anything connected with the Hawaiian culture. However:

1—I did sincerely regret the time necessary to tune my guitar; my 3-year old had, apparently, been ‘helping’ me tune just prior to our performance;

2—Yes, I employed a “modern guitar.” But then, we were dancing modern hula, not “ancient;”

3—My dancers tell me there was no problem with my rhythm, rather that two of them, in their extreme nervousness, made errors. I have been accompanying dancers for a great many years, as all kamaaina know, and am considered quite competent with my instruments.

And speaking of kamaaina, and particularly mea hula, to whom my Viewpoint letter was primarily addressed, I believe it was quite evident that I did not seek to criticize either Iolani Luahine, whom I have regarded with near-veneration and heartfelt aloha for more years than I can recall, or the eminent Lokalia Montgomery. I believe my remarks were self-explanatory to any thinking person, and do not require further amplification here.

Again, I offer our sincere congratulations to friend George. But I must reiterate that all suggestions encompassed were the expressions of many minds and, we believe, should be given serious consideration by the Committee.


(Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 5/20/1971, p. 4)


Hawaii Tribune-Herald, 49th Year, Number 118, Page 4. May 20, 1971.


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