Scary talk, 1865.

[Found under: “Various Items.”]

Commendable—There are few or no song-birds native to the Sandwich Islands, and the Hawaiian Government is importing rare and beautiful birds from China, setting them at liberty in the suburbs of Honolulu. The same want existed in Australia, and like measures were taken to supply it. Many varieties of song-birds might be successfully introduced into California, which would in a generation or two add greatly to the charms of our groves and homes. The Bee has heretofore suggested that the State Agricultural Society inaugurate a system of exchange of natural products, curiosities, animals, birds, etc., with similar bodies in Europe and elsewhere. It would be mutually advantageous.—S. F. Bulletin.

(PCA, 12/16/1865, p. 4)


The Pacific Commercial Advertiser, Volume X, Number 24, Page 4. December 16, 1865.


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