Solos on two steel guitars at the same time, 1928.


Sam Ku, professionally known in other parts of the world as Sam Ku West, and his accompanying artists will make their initial appearance in the Volcano City tonight at the New Palace theater in conjunction with the motion picture program featuring “Wallflowers.” Two and one half years ago, Sam left Honolulu, an unknown music boy for a tour of the Orient. Today he is back from New York as the only concert harpist of his race, acknowledged as one of the foremost steel guitar players of the world. His original idea of playing solos on two steel guitars at the same time, easily put him in a class by himself as a steel guitar artist.

Ku West’s program for his Hilo engagement at the New Palace is one calculated to show the versatility of this talented and promising young artist. Vocal and instrumental numbers will be generously interspersed to appeal to all tastes and nationalities. Numbers listed include classical selections, native songs, modern jazz and blues, and request numbers from West’s Victor records.

On the harp, Sam will play several solos as well as ensemble numbers accompanying the voices of the company. Sam, himself, possesses a robust voice and is heard to advantage in yodle numbers.

Dan Ku, also appearing in the cast is the nineteen year old brother of Sam, and will be taken to Europe to study music with his brother at the close of their numerous engagements in Hawaii. Other members of the company, include George Kalani, Ben Kekua, and Mathilda Kauwe. The troupe is also accompanied by their director, Irene West.

In Honolulu, Sam Ku West packed the Hawaii theater to overflowing during his performances there and, after completing his island tour, will fill a return engagement at the Princess theater.

That Sam Ku West is one of the most versatile and talented of all Hawaiian musicians is amply demonstrated by his reception in Honolulu.

(Hilo Tribune Herald, 8/1/1928, p. 4)


Hilo Tribune Herald, Volume VI, Number 170, Page 4. August 1, 1928.


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