Kauikeaouli’s response to the epidemic, 1853.


Whereas it has pleased Almighty God, the Ruler of Nations, and in whose hands are the destinies of all men, to send among Our people a malignant and infectious disease, called Small Pox [mai Puupuu Liilii], which is rapidly increasing, and threatens to spread throughout Our Islands and decimate the population; and whereas no human efforts can prove successful in arresting the progress of this fearful disease, without the Divine interposition:

Therefore, We, by and with the advice and consent of Our Privy Council of State, hereby issue Our Proclamation, calling upon all Pastors of Churches and christian people on the island of Oahu,  to observe Wednesday next, the 15th inst., as a day of fasting, humiliation and prayer to God, that in mercy He will be pleased to remove from us this threatening calamity, and grant us as a people, life, health and prosperity.

In like manner We call upon all Pastors of Churches and good people on Our other Islands to observe such a day at their earliest convenience, after the receipt of this notice.

Done at Our Palace, in Honolulu, this 9th day of June,  A. D. 1853.


Keoni Ana.

(Elele, 6/11/1853, p. 40)


Ka Elele Hawaii, Buke 8, Pepa 10, Aoao 40. Iune 11, 1853.



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