Another eulogy for William Hookano Iwiula, 1920.

Sometimes different newspapers will edit down submissions. Here is another version of the eulogy for William Hookano Iwiula, here given as William Hoomana Iwiula. This version is much more ornate and detailed. The editor of the Kuokoa probably was conserving space for other articles.

This version for instance starts like this:


To the Editor of the Hoku Newspaper, aloha oe. Please may we have an open column of your precious, to insert this loving eulogy so that the kin and family of my dearly beloved husband from Great Hawaii of Keawe, Great Molokai of Hina, Maui of Kamalalawale, Lanai of Kaululaau, Oahu of Kakuhihewa, and Kauai of Manokalanipo may see it.

When the last breath of my dearly beloved husband wafted by, it was 2 o’clock a. m. in the morning of Sunday, the 9th of May, 1920. At our home at Lihue Nui and Lihue Iki, the beloved home of ours where we were together for 28 years in marriage with faithfulness, kindness and humility, where we bore flourishing fruit of our family, 24 children, with 17 being taken away, and remaining with us are 7 boys still living who are mourning and lamenting with me, their mother, being left without a father. To them belong the names below: William Hookano Iwiula (m), 24 years old; Eddie Keanuenue Hookano Iwiula (m), 20 years old; Sammy Kanohoua Hookano Iwiula (m), 16 years old; Josiah Hoopii Iwiula (m), 14 years old; George Palakiko Hookano Iwiula, 11 years old; Kaiminaauao Hookano Iwiula (m), 10 years old; and Paulo Hookano Iwiula (m), 9 years old.

My dearly beloved husband was born in Honolulu, from the loins of Iwiula (m) and Nakapolei (f), their parents, and there were 6 of them; his elder siblings have died, and my dear companion, my dear husband was the last of them, and he has left me behind mourning and grieving for him, along with our beloved children.

[Also it is interesting to note that the first part of this article starts on page four and continues on page 3.]

Ka Hoku o Hawaii, Buke XIII, Helu 52, Aoao 4. Mei 27, 1920.


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